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Establishing a technology company takes a strong software team to deliver on what needs to be done.
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We make successful products that turn great ideas into user-friendly solutions for consumers and businesses.

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Where are you now?

Use the tabs below to identify what stage you’re at so we can help you to move on to the next phase of your project.
1. Research
We can help you to better understand your target audience, enabling you to create a more powerful value proposition for your business.
2. Requirements
Based on research insights, we can help you to determine how your product and service should function.
3. UI Design
We’re able to create unique and aesthetically pleasing visual design solutions that fulfil both your user needs and business goals.
4. Prototyping
We can provide you with a clickable prototype so you can test and play with your product; allowing you to get a better feel for the user experience.
1. Define
We can take your visual product requirements and create a clear technical plan of action that our engineers can use to build your product.
2. Front-End
We use the latest emerging technology such as React Native, AR-Core, JavaScript, ReactJS, Swift and Flutter to code your product’s front-end infrastructure.
3. Back-End
We have skilled back-end engineers that can connect your product to API protocols and scalable instances so you can deploy your product worldwide.
4. Support
We support existing projects and create monthly reports for your software to ensure you’re up to date with the latest technology available.
1. Audience Segment
We can help you to better target your users so you can maximise your marketing investment's ROI; effectively growing your user base.
2. App Store Optimisation
We apply ASO strategies to every product we create, so you can maximise your marketing spend via organic exposure on the app store.
3. Growth Hacking
We can create a strong social buzz and awareness around your product by leveraging PR channels such as TV, Radio and Sites like BuzzFeed.
4. Paid Social Advertising
We can help you optimise your ad spend on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram; gaining you many new users within the shortest time possible.

We’re proud of our work

Successfully completed projects to date
Happy and appreciative customers
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Experienced and talented workers

We value our relationships

Over the past decade, Appello has established itself as a leader in the IT industry. Along the way, we have formed a number of valued relationships with both clients and business partners.
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Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you’re looking for then feel free to ask us directly via email.
1. How long does it take to make a app?

Building an app can often take up to 3-6 months depending on the project size, the functionality involved and the number of developers you want on the project. The following is a rough guideline for some key deliverables:

UX Design: 2-4 weeks

Branding & Landing page: 2-3 weeks

Prototyping & Testing: 1-3 weeks

Software Development: 2-4 months

2. How do I know my idea is safe?

We sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement that lasts 2 years with all of our clients to ensure the fullest confidentially for your idea. It’s always best to work with partners that take confidentially seriously.

3. Do you take equity instead of money?

Yes, we often take a small percentage of equity (shares) to offset the total cost of a project so that we can continue to focus on making your business idea a success.

4. Do you support our business once it's finished?

Yes, we have a large international team which can help support your business growth; from further software development to marketing.

5. How do I raise money for my business?

Raising money for your business idea is fairly simple. Once you've clearly defined your product and built a prototype or functional MVP, investors will often ask for a business plan on how you intend to scale and generate revenue.

As well as being connected to a large network of investors, we also have a number of best-in-class industry guidelines and business plan templates to help guide you on your way to raising your first round of investment.

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